Get in the Picture

by Shelley Marsh


mom poolOnce again, it’s time for vacations, trips to the beach and outings with the kids. Everyone will be taking pictures to record these sunshine-drenched days.  However, many of us ladies will exclude ourselves from the pictures.  We (as always) put the focus on our kids.  We think we don’t look good, our hair and makeup isn’t in place, we wished we weighed less. Forget all of that! I want to encourage you this year: get in the picture!

In the future, you will be able to look back at those images and remember the time spent with your family.  Your children will one day appreciate being able to see those moments with you captured forever.  Don’t put off the family photo because you don’t like how you look.  Children change so quickly, and you’ll want to have a record of those changes. They are the ones you will be looking at anyway.

Think back to the photos you still enjoy looking at from your own childhood.  Don’t your favorites include a parent or grandparent?  Don’t you love seeing your mom with her seventies hair and pantsuit? Don’t deny your children the same joy.

This summer, I’d like to encourage you to get in the picture.  Make dad take a turn with the camera, or learn how to use your camera’s self-timer.  In the years to come, you’ll thank yourself, and so will your family.








Shelley Marsh is a freelance writer and the author of Fifty First Coast Dates, a guide to creative date night ideas in North Florida.  She has been married to Robert for 16 years, and is the mother of two boys, ages 11 and 14.  Admittedly, she has taken many more pictures of them than she has of herself. However, here is a photo of her and her sons that was taken seconds after the dog licked her directly on the mouth:17990733_10213184621269251_797645511010403534_n  

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