Chets Women Ministry Spotlight: Unleash Team!

thumb_20160408_013733_1024{This post was written by Eugenia Willard. Eugenia, her husband Micah, and 3 year old daughter Abby, recently welcomed baby Josiah to the family. Eugenia serves on the Chets Women Communications Team and loves to stay busy. A recovering workaholic, Eugenia is learning how to find fulfillment in Christ alone and how to balance the new demands of being a stay at home mom- or, as Micah puts it, a domestic engineer.}

In 2013 the leaders of Chets Women prayed for a God-given vision for our women’s ministry. The answer, as many of you know, is a collection of smaller ministries, each focused on a particular aspect of discipleship; Connect, Disciple, Transform, Unleash, Pray and Communicate. But, you may ask, what are these teams really meant to do in the church body and the community; and who are the trailblazing leaders chosen to head them?

Today we wanted to shine a spotlight on the Unleash team to introduce you to your hosts for Chets Women Unleashed Night on April 11. The Unleash team is focused on serving Jesus by serving others using their unique gifts and passions. I was able to correspond with Michelle Arguello, the leader of the Unleash team, to ask about the team itself, their focus and how to become involved. Michelle’s answers left me in no doubt that the team is appropriately named. The word ‘unleash’ is defined ‘to begin something powerful that, once begun, cannot be controlled’. The prayer of this team is to do just that; to start you on the path of using your God-given gifts to fulfill your unique purpose in this world.
Q&A with Michelle Arguello

Tell us about yourself.

I have bee10407478_10202910105824711_2810681246982978537_nn attending Chets Creek Church for about 9 years. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 13 years and have two young children. I love reading and I can’t survive without coffee! I recently had to cut off my Pinterest addiction in an attempt to spend my time more wisely. But more importantly than those details of my life, I have a passion for helping women grow deeper in their relationship with God and discover their unique purpose.

What brought you to serve as the Unleash team leader?

I am extremely honored to be leading this team. I would never have pictured serving in this capacity before God flipped my spiritual life upside down about two years ago. I asked the question many women ask, “What do I have to offer?” I really wanted to know the answer to that question, so I signed up for a book study called Restless. Through that class God showed me that I have value and that he uses all the pieces of my life to create a unique calling that He designed just for me. After attending Restless, God opened up doors for me to use my newly discovered gifts. I was obedient to a series of serving opportunities that eventually led me to this team. It was a process of one small step of obedience followed by another.

What is the overall purpose of the Unleash team?

The goal of the Unleash team is to walk alongside women through the journey of discovering their unique gifts and passions and then continuing to walk alongside them as they live that out in service to God and others.

What do you consider the team’s greatest strength?

The greatest strength of my team members is definitely their true passion to inspire women to get more involved. They want to do more than exchange emails. They want to get to know you, encourage you, pray for you, and plug you into serving opportunities that are a good fit for your gifts and your life.


Unleash Team at Well Fed: Bonnie Brogle, Kristen Black, Michelle Arguello, Liza Akley, Rachel Alonzo, & Thais Varzoni. Not pictured: Kristen Santinga, Adriana Brinkman, Gladys Franco, & Hilary Windsor.

What is the vision for the Unleash Team’s impact in the women’s ministry and our communities?

We want to dream BIG! We pray for women to have a stirring in their hearts for more…more of God and a deeper relationship with Him that overflows to others. We envision many Chets women taking a step of faith to move outside of their comfort zones and try something new. We would like to have a serving team for each of the organizations we partner with, as well as, ongoing classes to assist women in discovering their gifts.

Speaking of serving teams, where do these service projects originate?

We have a list of vetted organizations that we partner with for serve days and other events. These are organizations connected to Chets or someone who attends Chets. However, we are always open to adding new opportunities to the list. So, please contact me if you would like to discuss an organization you already volunteer with, know of, or work for.

Are service projects open for anyone to serve or is there a process?

I love this question! The Unleash team strives to NOT be a closed group or a clique of a few select women who try to accomplish all of God’s work alone. We are open to anyone and our events are created with diversity in mind. There is no prerequisite to serve and we encourage women to jump in and get involved. If you are hesitant, like I was, because you aren’t sure where you fit, we would love to help you figure it out. There is something for everyone. There are service opportunities for every stage of life and every type of schedule.

Is there any schedule or calendar where we can see the upcoming service opportunities?

At this point there is not a calendar of events. We are working on putting that in place. However, there will not be an exact calendar with everything planned out for the whole year. There will be certain main events planned, but we want to leave room for the Holy Spirit to work. In our busy culture it is important to remember that sometimes opportunities happen spontaneously and we need to leave margin for God’s plans.

In closing, what would you have a Chets Woman take take away from this article?

Our team verse sums it up:

“We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Ephesians 2:10

We are all called to serve and God has uniquely gifted each of us and equipped us to do it. If you feel restless or like there is something more, it’s because there is!! We are not saved through works, but we are saved for works. We are made to show and share God’s love to a hurting and lost world.  I challenge you to prayerfully consider your next step in serving.

Join us tunleashhis Monday, April 11 from 7:00 to 9:00pm for our first Chets Women Unleashed night at the Hodges Campus, Fuel Station (Room 223).

RSVP on the Facebook Event page.

For more information contact Michelle Arguello.

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