Well Fed Photo Recap!

Come along on a photo reflection of Well Fed – Chets annual women’s event that was held on the 18th of October. This was an extraordinary evening put together by many gifted hands. From the amazingly delicious food, the beautiful decor, centerpieces, flowers and coaster gifts, the moving worship…everything perfectly set for a wonderful evening of fellowship and experiencing the Presence of the Lord together. Susan Freese shared the gospel of John 4 and invited us to look at the woman at the well from a different perspective (watch the powerful message here). We also heard from the Connect and Unleash teams and four beautiful, brave women who shared their hearts and prayed for ours.

{If you were greeted with a pesky camera while in the buffet line, your picture is here

Check it out to see all the beautiful faces of Well Fed!}


These sweet middle and high school gals kept the tables well stocked.


The best looking salad bar ever, complete with a well!!


The food was displayed in such a creative way, with everything laid out perfectly.


Decadent desserts!


The well with the greens…isn’t it charming?! 


After scripture was proclaimed from all corners of the room, the worship leaders sang praises from the center of the sanctuary.


Next Kelley Hastings and the Connect Team showed us how easy and fun it can be to participate in a Chets Women: TABLE.


Our Chets Women ministry leader, Susan Freese, passionately poured out God’s truth and love.


Chets women soaking in God’s good Word.

12118884_933049726762478_3297283688717609969_n (1)  12122669_933049696762481_2049218977320657781_n (2)  12112203_933049760095808_5026492730272413558_n (1)  12032021_933049706762480_4276016456377425683_n (1)

So thankful for these women who openly shared their struggles with us and then invited us to stand with them as they prayed for our victory in these areas.  Such a powerful experience!


Michelle Arguello and the Unleash Team challenged women to share their testimony.


Women were challenged to be like the woman at the well who simply WENT and shared her story of a life-changing experience with Jesus. Will you go and share yours? When you do, sign your name on the “She Went” board so we can celebrate with you!

What has God done in your life through Well Fed?

Please share with us in the comments below or on our private Facebook group just for Chets Women here.

{Pictures by Riann Boyd and Cecilia Johnson}

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