Join us at our next SERVE day this Saturday!

The Chets Women: Unleash Team has a new opportunity for you to serve. We will be going to the Florida Baptist Children’s Home this Saturday, October 24, from 1:00-4:00pm. They have asked us to organize various areas around the campus. This is a perfect chance for you to try something new and get out of your comfort zone! Our work will directly bless the children staying at the home and the staff.

The mission of the Florida Baptist Children’s Home is to provide Christ-centered services to children and families in need. Their vision is to bring hope to hurting children, to show that the love of Jesus changes lives, and to impact the life of ONE more child. The children receive quality medical care, nourishing food, proper clothes and an education. However, the most important thing they get is hope. They are taught about the love of Jesus!

We challenge you to be a participator and not just a spectator in your walk with Christ. Join us to show Christ’s love through action! Be changed to bring change! We hope to see you there.

Sign up today at:

{This post was written by Michelle Arguello. Michelle leads the Chets Women’s Ministry: Unleash team. She has a passion for connecting women with opportunities to serve in the church and in the community. She is striving to use her God-given talents and abilities to make Him known and be a blessing in the lives of others. She is a wife and mommy of two energetic children that keep her on her toes and influence her coffee addiction.}

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