7 Facts About Well Fed

Well Fed is a One Night Event for Women on October 18th at 5:30 p.m. at Chets Hodges Campus.

{Purchase Tickets Here}

  1. Designed for you.
    Eleven months ago, we asked God for what’s next in His Chets Women’s ministry. He impressed the need for women to be Well Fed.

    Dozens of people on worship, program, communications, prayer, registration, volunteer coordination, decoration and food design/prep teams are working hard to create an extraordinary night designed for you (and the lost friend you invite) to be Well Fed.


  2. You’ll be Well Fed physically.
    The Hodges atrium will feature multiple food stations from salmon, beef and pasta to dessert assortments prepared by Chets Women. The worship center will be converted into a dining room and middle and high school girls will refresh your drinks. So, come hungry physically.

  3. You’ll be Well Fed spiritually.
    Moments after Well Fed was selected, God led me to the passage of scripture to share with you. For months I’ve prayed and asked God for a fresh and biblically faithful approach to the text and He has revealed it! From seekers to lifelong Christians, the passage will feed you for eternity. So, come ready to hear from God and bring your Bibles.  

  4. You’ll laugh with friends and make new ones.
    Connecting with friends in authentic biblical community is hard when life is full. This evening we’re building in time during dinner for you to rest, relax and enjoy time with your faith family.

  5. You’ll worship musically and prayerfully.
    God created women differently than men. We think, feel, and respond differently in life and in worship. With that in mind, musical worship and a time of prayer ministry has been carefully and prayerfully chosen to meet your unique needs.

  6. You’ll pursue the Savior and follow where He leads.
    Some learn audibly, others visually, and others by example. Knowing this, we are serving up different connection points for you to grow in your faith and be unleashed.

  7. You’ll need to grab your ticket asap.  
    Only 300 tickets are available and last year we sold out a week before the event. We want you there! Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online here or in the Hodges atrium on Sunday. (Childcare for kids birth to 5th grade is available only for those who could not otherwise attend unless it was provided. Email kate@chetscreek.com to reserve childcare.)

We’ve asked God to show up and show off at Well Fed. So call your girlfriends and see who’s coming to this one night event for women on Sunday, October 18th at 5:30 p.m. This is a great chance for a God-centered Girls’ Night Out! Purchase your tickets today for you and a friend before they are all gone.

{Purchase Tickets Here}

11953519_1897125350511728_3716059687598039577_o{This post was written by Susan Freese, who leads the women’s ministry at Chets Creek Church. She is married to her college sweetheart, Brett, and they have two perpetually bouncy little men who keep them hopping from one sport to another. In 2006, she left her corporate career to answer the call to re-launch in the women’s ministry through Chets Creek Church. She also founded All In Ministries International to serve women across the world. Susan is passionate to see women know Christ and be changed by Him in a way that will change the world.}

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