Step away from the pumpkin donut…and join us at WELL FED!

Foodie: One who “seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.” I am a foodie.  In every sense of the word.  Growing up, my mom spoiled us with her amazing cooking—I mean, seriously, she could’ve been the Next Food Network Star or Cupcake Wars champion.  She learned the art from her mom, my Nannie, who was also an amazing cook.  Needless to say, I expect good food and I’m always looking for the best fare.  I can list all the best restaurants and local dessert joints in Jax, and we’ve lived here for less than two years!  I’m trying to keep up with Mrs. Donna Hastings’ culinary expertise!  Lately, it’s the pumpkin donuts from Cinotti’s.  Good news is they’re usually sold out by the time school is out.  Bad news is they’ve informed me that I can pre-order them.  Satan, get behind me.  It’s like the meme I’ve seen floating around facebook: “My heart says chocolate (or, in my case, a pumpkin donut) but my jeans say, Girl, eat a salad!” Sometimes we continue to try to fill up on junk when our bodies are begging for something more nourishing.  Donuts “don’t stick to your ribs for long,” my mom used to say.

Don’t we all just cram our lives full of junk, looking for a sense of satisfaction or approval? To feel like we’re good enough?  To feel like we fit in?  To show everybody that we can do it? We keep indulging ourselves on the world and everything it throws at us.  Then we wake up the next morning to realize that we are still so unfulfilled.  Just like those pumpkin donuts, the world isn’t going to “stick to our ribs” for long.  We need LIFE…life that fill us, that overflows in us, that leads us to love others, that never runs dry.  We need LIFE that sticks to our ribs.  Put the pumpkin donut down and go get a salad!

Please mark your calendars and get your tickets to Well Fed, where you can relax, enjoy a fabulous dinner (for all you foodies—it’s going to be so yummy!!), join in worship, and be well fed by God’s Word!  I guarantee that you will be overflowing by the end of the night and you will not give even a second thought to that pumpkin donut!  We can’t wait to see you!

Join us for the Chets annual women’s event, Well Fed, on October 18th beginning at 5:30PM at the Hodges campus. Tickets are $15 and include dinner. Purchase today to reserve your spot –

{This IMG_1884post was written by April Tapp. April is an Arkansas girl who is enjoying her newly transplanted life in sunny Florida. She is married to Jeff, the Minister to Students at Chets Creek Church. With a heart for girls ministry, April serves alongside Jeff in student ministry, as well as serving in the women’s ministry role of leading the team for large group gatherings. Jeff and April have two boys that keep April on her toes, especially when their fun involves surfing (read: sharks), skateboards, and high speeds. She loves her Keurig, writing, teaching, and you’ll always see her in a great pair of earrings.}

If you’d like more info about Chets Students, check out

2 thoughts on “Step away from the pumpkin donut…and join us at WELL FED!

  1. I suggest a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Latte (another one of your favorites) to go with that pumpkin doughnut ma’am! April, you are precious, and I Love your article! We are all in search of something that will fill us and stick to our ribs. God’s Word is the best rib sticking food I have ever tried. I also find the Women’s Ministry at Chet’s to be the most filling and satisfying of any I have ever experienced. I know “Well Fed” will be a beautiful evening spent with amazing Christian sisters enjoying an awesome program while eating amazing food!!! Can’t Wait!!!

  2. Seems like we could get together and check out a few culinary places! It is not about the food as much as the people we share it with! Looking forward to well fed!

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