Calling Single Moms!

Hello all you lovely women! I’m so excited about the new single mother’s life group we have recently started. Being a single mom, I understand the struggles and stress that come from being the only parent. I’ve been a single mother for 8 years, never married, and have been met with more challenges than I can count. God took me from a struggling mother who thought I was less than worthy of His love and forgiveness for my choices to a strong woman and mother that seeks Him every day. Through Him I have conquered many challenges like school, my daughter’s struggle with anxiety, and knowing who I am and being proud of it.

Everyone has struggles in life and, to each person, it may feel like they are carrying the world on their shoulders. As a single mom, you’re not alone.  I’ve learned in time that there are other women dealing with the same issues. A new life group has developed on Sunday mornings at Chets Creek Church, exclusively for single moms.  As the new group gets going, I’m confident that a support system will develop. This group will be one that is meant to help lift up those who are feeling down. I pray that with this new life group, more single mothers will come to understand God’s love for them and how He is there by their side no matter what. The one thing I love about how God has designed this new group is that there is not a certain kind of single mom you have to be. A single mother could be any age – divorced, a widow, or never married. This new group is out there for those that are looking for a life group that will fit more with their experiences in life than their age bracket. We’ll be learning God’s Word and will be there to help uplift others in times of need. I hope if you’re a single mom and reading this that you are encouraged to join in with this group.

Besides the spiritual friendship and support of Sunday morning life group, other areas of need (and solutions for help!) have been identified through different discussions we have had. For instance, if the lawn needs to be mowed or the toilet needs to be fixed, the men’s group has offered and is willing to step up and help out. As single moms we tend to take everything on, but with new opportunity and partnerships with the church, it can help to alleviate some of the burden that comes with too much on our plates.

Another fun and interesting thing we plan to do is start a cook book for the single mother’s group. Many times there is a limited amount of time to get dinner on the table, we may not consider ourselves great cooks who can plan and prepare various meals, and we can get caught up in eating out all the time. The cookbook with recipes contributed by other single moms is one way we plan to help work through some of the seemingly mundane struggles we may have as single moms. These recipes are meant to be quick and cheap so that single mothers can easily get dinner on the table.

As this group develops many more exciting things will come to light.  God has big plans for single mothers at Chets Creek Church.  Will you join me on Sundays at 9:45am in Room 224 for life group if you are a single mom?  Or join me in prayer to pray for these beautiful women?

{This post was written by Rachel Della-Loggia. Rachel is a single mom of a sweet little girl named Emmalee. She works full time and just completed her Masters Degree in Business Management. She is originally from Abington, PA, but has lived in Jacksonville for over 20 years. Her favorite things include spending time with her daughter, reading…and butter popcorn jelly beans!}

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