Why I Love My Discipleship Triad

Have you heard of life transformation Triads?  Want to know more about what they are?  Type “triads” in the search bar on the right of our blog or start with Leslie’s 3 part series by clicking HERE.  But for now, check out a great testimony by Chets Woman, Lauren Bedwell, about her experience with a Triad.

When you think of the commitment involved with a discipleship Triad, it is easy to “say no” and not get involved.  Granted, many of us are already involved in great communities like life groups or women’s Bible studies.. BUT after doing a Triad for the last year, I encourage you: do not write it off yet!  For me, it was totally worth it and needed!

I have been going to Chets for the past 5 years and most of that time I have participated in women’s Bible studies with my adult life group. This has been a sweet, sweet time of developing friendships with girls in my same life stage. We have started families around the same time and are facing similar obstacles. It is amazing to have people in my life who are going through the same things I am going through. With that said, in a large group Bible study, you miss a certain accountability that can be found in a discipleship Triad. I was feeling like I wanted to go deeper in my spiritual walk, and I had questions on some basic spiritual truths that I wanted to learn more about. When I heard about the book “Discipleship Essentials” and the discipleship Triads being promoted by Chets Women, it caught my attention. I found two women who were not in my life group (this isn’t necessary, but it worked out that way for me), we looked over the covenant to complete the study together, signed it, and then started meeting on a weekly basis.

It is awesome to dive into the Word with on a weekly basis with two other women who are seeking God and seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ. The beauty of the Triads is the “in your face” accountability to study God’s Word and complete the lessons each week. I mean – if I am being honest – in a large group Bible study, if my week gets crazy and I am tired, I can leave a couple of pages blank and no one will likely notice. But in my Triad, we go through each question one by one and there is no way to “fake it til you make it.” There have definitely been weeks that I have slacked off and the night before I am up until midnight because I know that I have to complete the lessons because the other two women are counting on me to have finished. I LOVE that about my Triad, because it keeps me in the Word and keeps me growing and on the path of becoming a disciple. I believe most of us want to be growing closer to Christ, but it has catapulted me forward knowing there are two ladies beside me, cheering me on. Psalms 119:11 says “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” I totally agree with this verse, but it is so hard for me to memorize scripture and store it in my heart! Typically, memorizing scripture (unfortunately!) gets pushed to the back burner when life gets hectic. In our weekly meetings, one of the first things we do is recite the scripture we have learned over the past week. Not to sound like a broken record, but it keeps me accountable and keeps me memorizing scripture.

Beyond the actual spiritual truths that I have learned through this study, I have developed deep friendships with the other two women in my Triad. When we meet on a weekly basis, we hear each other’s struggles and help each other walk through life. It allows us to have a transparent, honest relationship with each other. Triads are about accountability and consistency, but in our Triad, there has been grace when life happens – interruptions because of children, sickness, the holidays, or moving may happen, and weeks will go by where we have not met. Even in this absence of meeting, I believe we have developed a friendship where we are still pushing each other forward to Christ and encouraging on another.

I cannot say enough positive things about my Triad experience and I highly recommend everyone to get involved in a Triad!  Pray about the ladies with whom you’d like to develop a Triad, and then talk to Chelly Brown (Chellbro06@gmail.com) or Susan Freese (susan@chetscreek.com) and they can help you get started!

{This post was written by Lauren Bedwell. Lauren is married to Jeff, and together they minister to middle school students at Chets Creek Church. She is mommy to a sweet toddler boy who keeps her on her toes. Lauren also works part-time as an ER nurse here in Jacksonville. Lauren loves the beach, hanging with girlfriends, and Greek food. She’s always up for playing fun games, and you can lure her in with any kind of dip – think salsa, sour cream and onion, buffalo chicken.}

One thought on “Why I Love My Discipleship Triad

  1. Woohoo!! Way to go, Lauren! Yes, triads not only provide life change and spiritual friendships, but also produce disciples who make disciples. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and living out Matt 28:19-20. Praying for your next steps. 🙂

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