Triads – Now What? (Triad Series: Part 3 of 3)

Progress in living the Christian life may have been steady and incremental throughout a believer’s life to this point, but with entry into a triad there is a gear shift to warp speed.

Greg Ogden

Ogden says we are in the “Holy Spirit’s Hothouse of Transformation” when the following three ingredients are present: 1. Open hearts and transparent trust; 2. the truth of God’s Word; and 3. the spirit of mutual accountability.

So, let’s say you’ve got two other women and you are ready to embark on your Triad. Now what? It’s very easy………simply utilize the preferred curriculum, “Discipleship Essentials”, by Greg Ogden. Then just take it one week and one chapter at a time.

Always remember that Disciples are not made quickly. When the Triad is built slowly and solidly it promotes an atmosphere of honesty, accountability and vulnerability. As a result, the ensuing relationships provide a safe place for intimacy, personal care, deep friendships and spiritual bonding (Ogden, page 127). The overwhelming majority of women who have completed a Triad report that they are sweet and beautiful times of deeper study and fellowship.

Since Disciples are not made quickly, your Triad covenant should include the agreement to wait on your sisters. Let’s face it – Life happens! People get sick, go out of town, and have deaths occur in their family. When these things happen it may be necessary to postpone a weekly meeting until the following week. That is okay. You are all three committed to completing this study so you will pick back up the following week. Or, you may decide to meet on another day for that particular week so that you can remain on your weekly schedule. Whatever works best for your three is most important.

Triads are not support groups in and of themselves, but make no mistake… support for one another comes naturally with the growing intimacy of the relationships! Some women with whom I have done these triads have been going through some “major stuff” in their lives – even to the point that they have doubted whether or not they could commit to such a study. Yet, in nearly every single situation, a triad has a been the very thing they have needed the most!

Disciple making and transformation are fanned by the biblical pattern of investing in a few at a time. Triads are a practical strategy for these investments. They provide hope that we can truly fulfill Jesus’ mission statement for the church, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19, Ogden, page 18).

I highly encourage each of you Chets Women to become actively involved in a Triad. If you still have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to email me at I will be praying for each woman within our ministry to be transformed in a beautiful way as the result of a Triad.

{This article was written by Leslie Layton.  Leslie left the corporate world to pursue women’s ministry and she obtained her Master’s Degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  She hopes to help women of all ages through her writing and her volunteer work.  Leslie oversees the Transformation and Discipleship portion of the women’s ministry leadership team.  She is currently involved in two discipleship Triads and she facilitates a Bible study on how to convene successful Triads.  Leslie has been married to her husband, Charles, for over 10 years. She and  Charles have 3 grown daughters from his first marriage and they are parents to 2 special needs dogs, Chester and Gracie.}

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