Triads – Making Disciples a Few at a Time (Triad Series: Part 1 of 3)

“For I am longing to see you so that I may share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen you – or rather so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.”
Romans 1:11-12

While working on his Doctor of Ministry degree, Greg Ogden discovered that the most successful way to make disciples one at a time was for a person to study the Word of God with two other people at a time. Ogden called this mix of 3 people working and walking and growing together in Christ a “Triad”.

Chets Creek Church has utilized Triads for discipleship for approximately two years. The curriculum that Chets Women has chosen is Ogden’s own study entitled, Discipleship Essentials. A Triad with Chets Women is this: three women commit to go through the study of 25 chapters one week at a time. Upon completion of the study, each woman should commit to choosing two new women with whom they will go through the study again. With this model, disciples are made one at a time, yet the growth is exponential.

Having participated in four Triads myself, I can say from first hand experience that the time I invested with these other women was incredibly life changing! The experiences transformed me unlike any other form of Bible study or Christian fellowship in which I have ever participated.

God gave us His Word in order to speak His truth and love into each of our hearts. The Triad curriculum is a tool that takes us deeper into God’s Word so that we can truly grow and change in ways that are in accordance with God’s teachings and are undergirded by the Holy Spirit.

One of the women with whom I completed a Triad is our very own Wendy Young. Wendy describes her experiences with Triads this way: “I love Triads because I need tools to grow in Christ and I love walking through life with two other women. We are committed, intentional and devoted to growing in Christ together. We desire to grow in the likeness of Jesus, and that is the basis of our friendship, support and advice connection. That is indeed a unique, beautiful and needful thing. Each time I share a Triad with two new women, we grow and change and encourage each other to do so in Christ through His Word and by His Holy Spirit in a new way.”

Like Wendy, the majority of the reports I have received from the women completing Triads is that they are a sweet and beautiful time of deeper study and fellowship. The Triad members grow much closer to the women with whom they are studying and truly become loving sisters in Christ for life!

So, who can start a Triad? Any woman who is committed to studying the Word of God with two other women so that they all three grow in Christ!

Start praying about the opportunity to engage in a Triad through Chets Women.  The next two articles in this series will give specific and detailed information on how to start a successful Triad that will truly be a blessing for all three women involved. Until then, every blessing to all of you beautiful women.


{This article was written by Leslie Layton.  Leslie left the corporate world to pursue women’s ministry and she obtained her Master’s Degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  She hopes to help women of all ages through her writing and her volunteer work.  Leslie oversees the Transformation and Discipleship portion of the women’s ministry leadership team.  She is currently involved in two discipleship Triads and she facilitates a Bible study on how to convene successful Triads.  Leslie has been married to her husband, Charles, for over 10 years. She and  Charles have 3 grown daughters from his first marriage and they are parents to 2 special needs dogs, Chester and Gracie.}

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