Event Recap: “ONE”

The night began with pretty hors d’oeuvres, fancy soda drinks and free hugs. There was aromatherapy and a few massage chairs set up.  The atrium was a sight to behold, filled with women of all ages. Meeting new people that I’ve seen in the halls of Chets Creek Church, but never talked to before was fun.

At my table I met four new women who shared something in common with me: we were all single moms. We ranged in age but were able to build a good conversation from our one commonality.

Check this out:

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 12.45.14 PMDo you see what I did here? (Didn’t notice this until halfway through the night, apparently I didn’t read the table number correctly.)  God was working that night as I sat at the wrong table, but ended up with all single women sharing similar challenges. That’s pretty special.

After a delicious dinner, we had a time of praise and worship. It was amazing how God moved through the room during that time.

We were then blessed to hear from some great women who provided wisdom about being authentic and intentional with one another, inviting others into spiritual friendships, and serving where God has placed you.

From my notes are the Top 5 Discipleship Truths shared by Debbi Hoeft:
5. You must BE a disciple
4. You must MAKE disciples
3. You must BE a disciple to MAKE disciples
2. Discipleship is a WAY OF LIFE
1. A life transformation TRIAD is a proven way to BE a disciple who MAKES disciples

The ladies encouraged and challenged us.

We were challenged to think of ONE step that we could take to move towards God’s best for our lives.  Just a few from my notes:

Be intentional and genuine in your actions.

Be who God wants us to be. Ask him to mold us into his disciple.

And a ONE Step for all of us:

We need to be real. If you are real, than other women will feel comfortable being real too. Don’t be afraid to show who you are because you never know who’s struggling with a similar problem.

ONE was a time like I hadn’t seen at Chets before.  If you want to check out some photos from the event, check out last week’s post by clicking HERE.

If you are looking for another great gathering of women at Chets, the Beth Moore Simulcast is coming THIS SATURDAY!  Email Kate@chetscreek.com to register.

{This post was written by Rachel Della-Loggia. Rachel is a single mom of a sweet 7 year old girl named Emmalee.  She works full time and is also working on her Masters Degree in Business Management.  She is originally from Abington, PA, but has lived in Jacksonville for 23 years.  Her favorite things include spending time with her daughter, reading…and butter popcorn jelly beans!}

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