Countdown to “One”

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10 Days left until we worship, learn, laugh and connect at “One – a gathering of Chets Women” on August 24. This event has been on our hearts for months, but on God’s kingdom calendar for all time. Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic, but I don’t think so. This is no ordinary gathering. This is a vision-casting event that – we hope and pray – will be a turning point in our ministry.

Oh, do not think that this will be a stale, boring presentation of some strategy. Do not think this will be light and fluffy either. There will be substance mixed with style. 

Here’s how the gathering will unfold…

The atrium will be a time to connect with friends while enjoying passed hors d’oeuvres. There will be an Exhale Zone with chair massages and aromatherapy for only the first 30 minutes.

The worship center will be transformed into a beautiful dining room where you will be served a great meal. Musical worship will be followed by a few short “Chets Talks”, hosted by Laura Wilson. We’ll learn from Jackie Hatcher, Debbi Hoeft and Kelly Miller, who will each share rich life lessons. I will share a message from a passage in the gospel of John (yes, you may just want to bring your Bibles or read John 17 before you arrive). Then, something illuminating will take place before a sweet surprise at the end of the night.

We need every women from every generation at One.

We are hoping and praying for a revolution in women’s ministry. Maybe God has chosen Chets to start? I can tell you after nearly a year of prayer for God to give us direction…and now 8 months of carrying out the plan, the vision He has given us is bold and different. We need women from every generation to arise. We look to the older generations for wisdom.  We look to younger generations for fresh perspectives.  We extend hands to one another to help and serve. Every woman has a role. Women’s ministry is changing.

We are calling all to a gospel-centric, prayer-saturated, Spirit-led women’s ministry for God’s glory.

Will you get involved?

P.S. Tickets are limited and available online at OR at the registration booth this Sunday in the atrium. The deadline to purchase is noon on August 18. We’ll save you a seat.

One thought on “Countdown to “One”

  1. Thank ya Laura. Just saw your email from 8/15/14. For whatever reason it went into the social file. I seldom see those. Looking forward to Sunday. I’m new to the church & don’t know many people other than some of the ladies in my Life Group.

    Take care & GOD bless, Tamy L. Burr < 904-635-4622

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