Getting Crafty: 4th of July Fun!

This week, I have been wracking my brain for some creative little handmade 4th of July crafts to share with you ladies.  A little “just for fun” post in between the stellar lineup of storytellers we have here at Chets Women.  But with all sorts of crazy going on in our house in the past week, it just didn’t happen.  That is, until my intern-turned-co-worker Sarah walked into the office with these adorable little flags!  Bless her!

Photo Jul 02, 4 50 25 PM

Here’s what you need:

jumbo craft sticks

4.5 x 5 inch piece of construction paper or card stock

acrylic paint (red, white, blue) and brushes

star stickers

pipe cleaners (red, white, blue, silver)

a glue gun or some sturdy tape

Photo Jul 02, 1 17 00 PM

Sarah is so awesome that she not only shared her idea, she took play-by-play photos of the process as well (while simultaneously conducting a speech therapy session).

Here’s how it’s done:

1) Paint your craft sticks.  This should be done ahead of time, giving plenty of time for them to dry.

2) Glue the sticks in a flag formation onto the construction paper.  If you’re feeling adventurous with children around, hot glue is best to support the weight of the sticks on the paper.

                  Photo Jul 02, 1 23 38 PM                    Photo Jul 02, 1 27 04 PM

3) Bend a white pipe cleaner and secure each end onto the top of the flag as shown (this enables it to hang, so definitely use hot glue on this one, or – if you don’t have that – some sturdy tape will do).

        Photo Jul 02, 1 28 36 PM        Photo Jul 02, 1 29 08 PM

4) Turn your flag back to the front and add your star stickers.  Sarah had some cute foam stickers with good adhesive (they also added some dimension to the flag).

Photo Jul 02, 1 30 35 PM

5) Wrap additional pipe cleaners around a pencil to create the squiggly shape.  Hot glue (or tape) those to the corner on the back of the flag.

Photo Jul 02, 1 31 19 PM

6) And there you have it – a cute little flag hanging wherever you wish!  Add words or a name to make it your own!

Photo Jul 02, 4 50 25 PM

What else are you doing to prepare to celebrate the 4th of July?  I have seen a lot of chalk board designs lately…and A LOT of red, white, and blue spirit thanks to the world cup.  Please share what you’re up to, we’d love some other ideas!

{This article was written by Laura Wilson.  Laura is wife to Aaron and mommy to one sweet and silly little boy.  She serves with Chets Women by leading the Communications team.  As a mom and pediatric speech language pathologist, she carries an artillery of cheerios and toys everywhere she goes.  She loves learning more about the Lord from his word, her family, and Starbucks.}

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  1. Thanks for the great idea. I’m going to do this with my grandchildren. Our new women’s group is awesome. Diana

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