Happy Father’s Day

This Sunday we will celebrate Father’s Day.  For my family, it is a celebration of much more.  My husband and I wandered through these holidays for ten years wondering desperately when we would know the joy of being parents.  Of course, each year, we celebrated our earthly parents and made sure they felt honored.  Yet as the years passed, we both felt disheartened with our own desire to be called mom and dad.

During this time, two very critical things happened for us: God revealed to us that it is His timing and not our own AND we had to let go and let God take control.

One particular Father’s Day, our church was passing out a gift to fathers as they stood to be recognized.  A dear man of God saw my husband sitting down while all the fathers remained standing.  He walked over to my husband and gave him the gift and said “your time will come soon.”  And it did come.  We now have a beautiful 11-year-old daughter who has brought so much joy to us!

It is amazing how this day can take on a different meaning through life.  We had years of honoring our own fathers, years of yearning for a child of our own.  Now that my husband and I have both lost our earthly fathers, this day can be melancholy at times.  And we now also have the joy of celebrating God’s provision of our sweet daughter.  Through all of the years, we must realize, too, that we can celebrate our Heavenly Father on this day and every day.

You may be celebrating, you may just be trying to get through a tough day.  As you are at church and serving this Father’s Day, celebrate God the Father by asking the Holy Spirit to guide you to someone who may be struggling with a hurt or sadness that can hinder the Holy Spirit’s work in their life.  How can you plant a seed in someone’s heart?

Photo Jun 12, 3 20 41 PM

{This post was written by Elizabeth Hendry.  Elizabeth and her husband Jerry have been married 22 years this June! They have a beautiful daughter named Kaylee. Their entire family serves in some form of praise and worship at Chets and they have dubbed themselves the singing “Von Trapp” family! Elizabeth loves being a mom and wife and you will find her on the Soccer field and in a pedicure chair as often as possible!}

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