Not Your Mama’s Mother’s Day

Women Sign

If you were at Chets on Sunday, you saw that there was not a whole lot of normal going on for Mother’s Day.  We raised our banners – literally – to launch the new women’s ministry: Chets Women.

The day gave us a special platform to communicate our vision and pass out gifts honoring all women.  But – what’s more – we listened. And, we listened some more. We heard you.

We heard from women wanting more of Jesus. We heard from women wanting to discover their God-designed role in life.  We heard from women looking to fit in and find friendships and women struggling with hard issues in life.

Several of us had prayed so long and so hard for that day.  What we thought was a day about launching our ministry, turned out to be so much more. It was about God giving us ears to hear the cries of His girls. We listened and so now we are praying….and taking action. 

We are praying for women to rise up to serve Jesus by investing in the lives of women. We pray for women to connect to authentic biblical community. We pray for lives to be radically changed, so women bring change to the world. We pray for women to be unleashed into church and local ministries to serve and share Jesus.  Will you pray with us?

Although much work was put into Sunday, we’ve only just begun. Lives are waiting. Communities, ministries, and nations are waiting for women to arise, shake off cultural comforts and put feet to faith. We are waiting for you.

On Sunday, June 8 we are hosting a Vision Lunch on the 3rd floor of the south building to share our hopes and dreams with those who want to join our ministry teams and/or serve as Lifegroup ambassadors. We will save you a seat at the table. Just be sure to RSVP to Kate at (by June 4).

It’s fun to think we gave birth to a ministry on the day we honor those who gave birth to us, but it’s even more thrilling to see what God has planned to transform lives.  Will you get involved? Leave a legacy? We need you….because women need women to be godly women.


Upper view

Unleash Transform Prayer Disciple Connect Comm

IMG_2042  IMG_2099   IMG_2053


{This post was written by Susan Freese.  Susan is married to her college sweetheart, Brett, and they have two perpetually joyful little men. In 2006, she left her corporate career to answer the call to serve in the women’s ministry through Chets Creek Church.  She also co-founded All In Ministries International to serve women across the world.  Susan is passionate to see women know Christ and be changed by Him in a way that will change the world.}

2 thoughts on “Not Your Mama’s Mother’s Day

  1. I loved the bracelets that were given out on Mother ‘s Day. What a lovely gift for each indispencable woman at Chet’s. The crosses give us an outward display of the inward beauty we have through Christ. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much, Christy! You are such a wonderful encourager. Most importantly, thank you for your prayers and support.

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